Js Renand was born in Paris in 1956. He discovered contemporary art through his grandfather, Georges Renand, who was a renouned art amateur and expert.
Through his grand father, Renand discovered Corot and Gericault, but also Lautrec, Manet, Renoir and Modigliani, whom he is particularly fascinated by. His grand father also shared his passion of Vuillard, Van Gogh, Seurat and Matisse which Renand admires the boldness and creative freedom.

The introduction to art from his very early years led Renand to start his career in the world of image and creativity. After graduating from business school , he joined Gaumont and La Banque de l’Image before becoming an independent photographer.

However the cold mecanical side of photography didn’t entirely meet his artistic ambitions, and Renand gradually moved to painting. He has been solely focusing on painting since 2004.

The ability to adapt and transform emotions through painting fascinates him. Renand became more inspired by Monet, Cezanne, Gauguin and more recently, Sorolla.

According to Renand, the main challenge a painter faces is to free oneself from all influences and find his own path. Renand started his career as a painter illustrating two subjects that most inpired him :
The sea , which restless worrisome beauty, sometimes peaceful, sometimes threatening fascinate him. He loves the breathtaking Mediterranean blue and the pale green color of the channel.

Paris and in particular the Eiffel tower are also a source of inspiration to Renand. He lives in Paris and its imposing beauty bewitches him. He has made various paintings using Paris as a theme .

He prefers oil painting.

Quite often, his inspiration comes from photographies he has taken. Renand works in his own studio in Paris.

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